PolyLX - Python module to visualize and analyze digitized 2D microstructures

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The microstructural analysis is a powerful, but underused tool of petrostructural analysis. Except acquirement of common statistical parameters, this technique can significantly improve understanding of processes of grain nucleation and grain growth, can bring insights on the role of surface energies or quantify duration of metamorphic and magmatic cooling events as long as appropriate thermodynamical data for studied mineral exist. This technique also allows systematic evaluation of degree of preferred orientations of grain boundaries in conjunction with their frequencies. This may help to better understand the mobility of grain boundaries and precipitations or removal of different mineral phases.

We introduce a new platform, object-oriented Python package PolyLX providing several core routines for data exchange, visualization and analysis of microstructural data, which can be run on any platform supported by Scientific Python environment.

Documentation is in progress, but you can see PolyLX in action in accompanied Jupyter notebook http://nbviewer.ipython.org/github/ondrolexa/polylx/blob/develop/polylx_tutorial.ipynb