My research career is based on collaborative work of a larger research team, which worked at the Institute of Petrology and Structural Geology from 1995 and my research interest and focus was necessarily influenced by the overall aim of that group. This was particularly expressed in mathematical modelling of continental deformation in the micro-, meso- and macro-scale and the development of the necessary software tools for specific geologically oriented quantitative studies. My skills in computer programs development, computer-based processing and statistical evaluation of structural data, implementation of database and geographic information systems and ability to model processes numerically allowed me substantially contribute to three major research directions of my research career. These are:

  • quantitative analysis of deformation structures and numerical modelling of deformation
  • mechanisms of lower crustal flow and its thermal and mechanical implications and
  • quantitative analysis of metamorphic microstructures, their visualization and statistical processing.

I always highly appreciated multidisciplinary approach of collective scientific collaboration, which ruled my professional career and helped me to identify the essentials of my personal approach, as well as the professional qualities of my colleagues.