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First steps with StereoLX

As a first step we will create some data to work with. To create dataset you have to use geodata object creator. Basic syntax is

  • d=geodata(def,type,[group,site,x,y,unit,userdata])

where def is

  • 2-column matrix of dip direction and dip values
  • 3-column matrix of direction cosines

and type is

  • 0 or 'linear' for linear features
  • 1 or 'planar' for planar features

other parameters are optional and could be used to arrange data into groups, sites, units or provide coordinates for map creation. All these parameters could be used for boolean selections within you dataset.

>> d=geodata([120 60;86 44;112 35;96 55],0);

To get summary of you dataset, use command datainfo.

>> datainfo(d)
    'Group'      'Linear'    'Planar'    'Sites'    'Units'
    'Default'    [     4]    [     0]    [    1]    [    1]

To list data in dataset use disp command.

>> disp(d)
120/60 linear Default None Default (NaN,NaN)
 86/44 linear Default None Default (NaN,NaN)
112/35 linear Default None Default (NaN,NaN)
 96/55 linear Default None Default (NaN,NaN)

To construct plane from two linear features type command

>> p=planarfromlinear(d(1),d(3))
p = 
197/82 planar Constructed None Default (NaN,NaN)

To calculate mean direction

>> m=meandirection(d,'label','MyMean')
m = 
103/49 linear MyMean None Default (NaN,NaN)

To plot data on Schmidtnet use command plot.

>> plot(d)
>> plot([d p m])

Schmidtnet plotSchmidtnet plot

To create planar features from plane normals use poles2planar or p2p command

>> c=p2p(d);

To find all mutual intersection type

>> i=linearfromplanar(c);
>> plot([c i])

Schmidtnet plot

To create special dataset with uniformly distributed lines you can use command unilines. Use command displacement to apply coordinate transformation. To plot density contours use contour. If you are interested in eigenvectors and eigenvalues of the Scheidegger (1965) tensor use ortensor.

>> l=unilines(350);
>> plot(l);
>> ld=displacement(l,[1 0.6 0;0 1 0;-1 -1 1]);
>> plot(ld);
>> contour(ld);
>> [ot,ev]=ortensor(ld)
ev =

Schmidtnet plotSchmidtnet plotContour plotSchmidtnet plot

Of course, there is much more commands and each of them has several options, but righ now I do not have any time to write manual. Just feel free to explore it by yourself or drop me a email.

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