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PolyLX workshop

How to install PolyLX toolbox for MATLAB

  • You need to have MATLAB already installed because PolyLX works as MATLAB toolbox. You cannot run it without MATLAB. The version 7.x with Statistical toolbox is recommended, but most of routines should work under MATLAB 6.x and higher.
  • Unzip downloaded (latest version) to whatever place you want. Do not change folder structure of the files within unzipped polylx folder.
  • Before you start you should set MATLAB path, so you can access PolyLX it independently on your working directory.
  • To do that run MATLAB, choose File>Set Path… menu
  • Click on Add Folder… button and select folder polylx you unzipped before.
  • Once you set path you could click on Save button to make path permanent.
  • Then click Close.
  • To check everything is OK you could type help polylx in command promt and hit Enter. If list of PolyLX commands appear your installation was successful.

Introduction to MATLAB

Click here to download pdf version of MATLAB introduction presentation


Click here to download pdf version of Introduction to PolyLX presentation

Sample data

Click here to download sample data for PolyLX workshop

Helpful software

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