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Latest news

Recent developement moved to GitHub

Most of the recent developement moved to GitHub and is based on Python. I recommend to use Anaconda or Miniconda to run my software. You can either install it (if available) from my Anaconda personal repository or follow install instructions in documentation.

Ondrej Lexa 2017/03/06 14:41

About me - Curriculum vitae


Doc. Mgr. Ondrej Lexa Ph.D.

Born: 8.6.1972, Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Address: Nad Kotlaskou IV 304, Praha 8, Czech Republic

Work address: Institute of Petrology and Structural Geology, Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague, Albertov 6, 128 43 Praha 2, Czech Republic

Recent position: Associate professor in Structural Geology and Tectonics

Research interests

  • Quantifying microstructural to tectonic-scale deformation (including PolyLX software development)
  • Microstructural control of rocks rheology
  • Numerical modelling of deformational processes
  • Structural analysis of polyphase deformational patterns

Education & qualifications

  • 1987 - 1990: Math orientated grammar - school
  • 1990: School - leaving exam
  • 1990 - 1995: Faculty of Natural Sciences - Geology, Master Degree (equivalent to MSc)

Diploma work: Deformation of porphyritic granites in Veporic unit, West Carpathians

  • 1995 - 2003: Ph.D. study at Charles University, Faculty of Science, under supervision of Prof. K. Schulmann

PhD. thesis: Lexa, O. 2003. Numerical approaches in structural and microstructural analyses Download

Post-doctoral Position:

  • 2004 - 2005: University of Luis Pasteur, UMR 7517, 1 rue Blessig, 67084 Strasbourg, France
  • 2006 (6 months) - Associate professor (Maître de Conférence) at University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France

Habilitation thesis:

  • 2012: Quantitative structural analyses and numerical modelling of continental deformation, Charles University in Prague. Download

Additional training

Summer schools and workshops:

  • 1998 - Structural geology in mineral and hydrocarbon exploration, Imperial College, London
  • 1999 - Geology related to nuclear waste disposal, International Graduate Summer School, Czech Republic
  • 2000 - Geophysical Imagery of the Orogenic Belts, International Graduate Summer School, Czech Republic
  • 2001 - Length and Time Scales of Mechanical Events in the Lithosphere, International Graduate Summer School, Czech Republic
  • 2002 - Fabric Measurements, Modelling and Interpretation Gravity Tectonics, Magma Generation and Emplacement, International Graduate Summer School, Czech Republic
  • 2007 - Mineral Substructure dynamics workshop on Numerical Modelling, Spain

Practice and professional development

  • 1989 - 1995: Assistant and field geologist on Structural geology department on Geological Survey of Slovak Republic
  • 1997: Excursion guide of Summer School in Western Carpathians
  • 1999: Field trip co-leader, Geology related to nuclear waste disposal, Summer school.
  • 2004: Field trip co-leader, The Structure and Metamorphism of the Meliata Unit, Central European Tectonic Group, Lučenec, Slovakia.
  • 2006 - 6 months: Associate professor (Maitre de Conference) at University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg


  • 2005 Radek Melka Award for best publication, Central European Tectonic Group
  • 2004 Radek Melka Award for best publication, Central European Tectonic Group

Selected grants / research projects

  • 2003-2005: Stress, strain rate and rheology of viscously deformed crust during Cretaceous extension in West Carpathians: geodynamic and numerical model, Grant Agency of the Czech Republic
  • 2004-2006: Relation of extrusion and horizontal flow of lower crust to the origin of the lower crustal wedge along eastern margin of Bohemian, Grant Agency of the Czech Republic
  • 2004-2006: Evaluation of fracture network on Melechov test locality, Czech Geological Survey

Older news

  • Simplistic THERMOCALC front-end for constructing PT pseudosections PyPSbuilder v1.0 RC4 released.
  • PolyLX branch 3.x released. For last changes and bugfixes check changelog.
  • StereoLX MATLAB toolbox for structural geologists is released.
  • Do you need easy tool to explore isopleths calculated with PerpleX? Check PyWerami
  • New manual pages for PolyLX are under development. Until final release they are linked under filelist.
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