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The Centre for Lithospheric Research was formed in 2012 at the Czech Geological Survey based on an initiative of the Czech government, which encouraged outstanding Czech researchers living abroad to create excellent research groups of international level in the Czech Republic.

The research at the Centre for Lithospheric Research is centred around the project „Relative contribution of Paleozoic accretionary and collisional orogens on growth of continental crust“, aiming to develop new models of continental growth and mechanisms of formation of Phanerozoic supercontinents.

The Czech government program provided the necessary conditions for the return of several Czech young excellent researchers from abroad and to attract specialists from other countries to form a core of the Centre for Lithospheric Research. The Czech Geological Survey provided an appropriate base for the new team, equipment and institutional framework. The research is carried out together with our closest research partners: Institute of Petrology and Structural Geology of Charles University and the Geophysical Institute of Academy of Science.

The group integrates geoscientists coming from a variety of different research fields; including, geodynamics, tectonics, metamorphic petrology, isotope geochemistry, geochronology and geophysics with active research on five continents. The main focus of research group is to develop a new research linking geodynamics of Pacific type accretionary and Tethysian collisional systems. The main processes studied is the flow of orogenic lower crust in these orogens, rheological behavior of the lithosphere and mechanisms of continental growth.

This website provides basic information about our team, our main research interests and projects, publications, funding resources and network of main collaborators. The „news“ tab contains information about our current research achievements, key or invited presentations and actual research activities of the group.

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Our booklet 2015 is also available for downloading, for a fast overview of our current projects. 

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Odbor výzkumu litosféry - Česká geologická služba
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