16th Meeting of the Central European Tectonic Studies Groups

18-21 April 2018
Rytro, Poland

Second circular


Organizing team

Paweł Aleksandrowski, Andrzej Głuszyński, Rafał Sikora and Marta Tomaszczyk

aided by Jan Golonka, Anna Świerczewska, Stanisław Burliga, Mirosław Ludwiniak and Edyta Jurewicz

The main sponsor of the conference is PGNiG S.A.

Dear CETEG2018 Participants,

Here we pass on to you some key information about the conference:


All activities related to the stationary part of the conference, including accommodation, will take place at the hotel "Perła Południa" in Rytro or in its direct neighbourhood.

The village of Rytro is located ca 15 km south of Nowy Sącz, in the Poprad river valley, in the very interior of the Outer Carpathians. Originally a highlanders’ village, it slowly transforms into a holiday resort. Rytro can be approached by car from Nowy Sącz in the north, using road 87, or from Prešov and Stará Lubovňa in Slovakia, via road 68. It is also available directly by train.


The registration desk will be situated at the reception of the hotel “Perła Południa” and will be open on Tuesday, 17 April, at 18:00-21:00, on Wednesday, 18 April, at 18:00-21:00 and on Thursday, 19 April, at 07:00-08:30. The participants joining the pre-conference field session are kindly advised to register already on the evening of 17 April.

Conference program

The detailed conference program, that contains the schedule of oral presentations & posters is now available. If you have any issues related to the programme, please let us know as soon as possible and we will do our best to adapt to possible modifications.

General Meeting Schedule

Tuesday, 17 April

  • 18:00-21:00 Registration

Wednesday, 18 April

  • 6:20-17:00 Pre-conference field session
  • 18:00-21:00 Registration
  • 19:00-00:00 Ice-breaker party

Thursday, 19 April (Conference day 1)

  • 07:00-08:30 Registration
  • 08:30-17:00 Oral sessions 1
  • 17:30-19:00 Poster session 1
  • 20:00-00:00 Evening Party

Friday, 20 April (Conference day 2)

  • 09:00-17:00 Oral sessions 2
  • 17:30-18:30 Poster session 2
  • 18:30-19:30 CETEG planning meeting
  • 19:30-20:00 Ceremonial speeches and granting awards
  • 20:00-00:00 Gala dinner

Saturday, 21 April

  • 08:00-17:00 Post-conference field session

Abstract volume and field session guides

have been published in Vol 44, No 1 (2018) of “Geology, Geophysics and Environment”. They are available online at:

Printed copies will be handed over to the CETEG meeting participants at the registration.

Pre-conference field session

Pre-conference field session on Wednesday, 18 April, will start from the Hotel “Perła Południa” at 6:20 am. Alternatively, you can join the trip directly in Wieliczka at 8:30 (see below)


  • 6:20 – departure (bus) from Rytro:
  • 8:20 – arrival in Wieliczka
  • 8:30 – field session starts (safety instructions, registration for entry)
  • 9:00 – descent to the mine by lift
  • 9:00 – ~12:30 – underground field session
  • ~12:30–13:00 –ascent to the surface by lift
  • ~13:30 –departure to Rytro (bus)
  • ~15:00 – en-route lunch in the field
  • ~17:00 – arrival in Rytro

For geological problems discussed and phenomena demonstrated on this trip, see field session materials: S. Burliga et al. in “Geology, Geophysics & Environment” 2018, vol. 44 (1): 71–90. Online.

Necessary equipment

The mine will supply the participants with helmets, safety apparatuses and miner’s lamps. Participants’ own field clothes and boots are required. Regular mountaineering style-boots with a sturdy sole and ankle support as well as outdoor clothing are the best option. The temperature in the mine is ca. 16-17 ⁰C, the air and floor are dry. Do not take big backpacks as some passages are narrow and low and there are ladder stairs on the way. The route is a few kilometres long.

Mine restrictions

Participation in the underground field session is at own risk and the participants will have to confirm with signature their awareness of it and, also, sign the declaration about the state of their health permitting a visit to an underground mine. Alcohol content in the blood must be at zero level. No smoking or use of open fire is allowed underground (which also means that the possession of e.g. matches or lighters is strictly forbidden). As the mine is on the UNESCO World Heritage list, no hammering or sampling is accepted (collection of some rock fragments will probably be allowed at few places announced by guiding persons). Cameras can be used when permitted, however, please remember that salt dust in the air can be harmful to them. Taking photos of mine workers are not allowed.

Participants arriving in Wieliczka on their own

The meeting point for the field session is at Szyb Regis (Shaft Regis), Wieliczka, Plac Kościuszki 9, just before 8:30. There are several payable parking areas in Wieliczka where you can leave your cars. Those located close to Shaft Regis are:

Parking area “Kopalnia Soli” (“Salt Mine”)
ul. Dembowskiego 7a
GPS coordinates: 49°59'05.5"N 20°03'23.9"E

Parking area „Szyb Daniłowicza” („Daniłowicz Shaft”), Wieliczka Salt Mine
ul. Daniłowicza 10
GPS coordinates: 49°58'58.0"N 20°03'22.4"E

Parking area no 12 in Wieliczka
ul. B. Limanowskiego 
GPS coordinates: 49°58'58.6"N 20°03'45.3"E


The bus from/to Rytro will probably stop at ul. Dembowskiego 7a, near to the railway station.

Post-conference field session

Post-conference field session on Saturday, 21 April, will start from the Hotel “Perła Południa” at 8:00 am. A return to the hotel is expected around 17:00. Lunch packets will be provided. Take good shoes, including wellington (rubber) boots, as some outcrops are situated in river beds and the access to them requires wading.


During the field session, we will see outcrops located along the route (see map): Rytro – Stara Lubovna – Niedzica – Sromowce Wyżne – Krościenko nad Dunajcem – Jaworki.

For geological problems discussed and phenomena demonstrated on this trip, see field session materials:

  • M. Ludwiniak in “Geology, Geophysics & Environment” 2018, vol. 44 (1): 91-110. Online.
  • J. Golonka et al. in “Geology, Geophysics & Environment” 2018, vol. 44 (1): 111-125. Online.
  • E. Jurewicz & T. Segit in “Geology, Geophysics & Environment” 2018, vol. 44 (1): 111-125. Online.


Participants leaving the trip earlier (driving on their own)

There will be a possibility to take part in the field session with your own car and, preferentially, to park it early on the trip route, in order to continue on the bus. For detailed information please contact organizers during the conference.

If you feel somehow lost or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the organizers:

Marta Tomaszczyk: +48 793 690 464 ceteg2018@gmail.com, tomaszczyk.marta@gmail.com
Andrzej Głuszyński: +48 516 197 141 and.gluszynski@gmail.com

Looking forward to seeing you soon in Rytro!