18–21 April 2018 • Rytro, S Poland
*** Hotel Perła Południa

We are excited to announce that CETEG 16th Meeting will be held in the village of Rytro near Nowy Sącz, c. 80 km SE of Kraków, in the very interior of the Outer Carpathians.

The meeting will be organized under auspices of the Polish Geological Society.

The special topics addressed in pre- and post-conference field trips will be:

  • Structural development of the Carpathian orogenic front - illustrated with spectacular underground exposures in the ancient Wieliczka salt mine
  • Structural effects of the Miocene transpression at the boundary between the Outer and Central Carpathians as developed in the Central Carpathian Palaeogene basin rocks adjacent to the Pieniny Klippen Belt

The planned keynote lectures, apart from problems of the Carpathian tectonics, will concentrate also on the progress achieved in the Variscan belt and in understanding of the deep geology at the interface between the Precambrian East European craton and the Palaeozoic orogenic belts (the Teisseyre-Tornquist zone).

The 1st circular containing more details will be issued in late Autumn 2017

Please, be prepared and reserve your  time for this exciting event!

for the Organizing Team
Paweł Aleksandrowski

Contact: marta.tomaszczyk@pgi.gov.pl

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