15th Meeting of the Central European Tectonic Studies Groups
22th Meeting of the Czech Tectonic studies Group (ČTS)

ZÁNKA. Lake Balaton
(Western Hungary, Transdanubian Range, Badacsony wine region)
5. - 8. April 2017

First circular

The meeting is organized by

Hungarian Tectonic Group (HUNTEK)
Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Geological, Geophysical and Space Science Research Group at Eötvös University
University of Szeged, Department of Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Petrology

and sponsored by

AAPG Eötvös Student Chapter, Hungary
(We hope that the remaining empty places will gone for the final circular)

Organizing team

László Fodor, Szilvia Kövér, Tivadar M. Tóth, Félix Schubert, Elica Winchester

Dear Colleagues, let us invite you to the next CETeG meeting in Hungary!

In this first circular we would like to distribute basic information about the conference. More detailed information will come in the next letter(s). 

The most important thing would be that you personally accept this invitation and participate at the meeting, either with oral/poster contribution, participating in discussions or simply by attending the sessions/excursions. Please, distribute this invitation within your colleagues, in order to promote high attendance and scientific level of the meeting.

Participation of young scientists is highly supported. This conference has its primary goal to offer possibilities for master and PhD students and young researchers for both oral and poster presentations. We thus kindly ask leaders of research groups to encourage the youngster to come and participate with their results. We will try to keep registration and other costs as low as possible, in order to promote their participations. Also, we hope to find supports from companies and institutions to reduce these costs.

We would highly welcome if you could indicate us your intention for coming, it would help planning. If you notify false addresses, please indicate it to the organising committee. Any suggestions are appreciated which could improve the quality and level of the meeting, particularly in the field of finding financial support and attracting participants.

Topics of the Meeting

It will include all aspects which are relevant for the structural evolution of the Alpine-Carpathian-Pannonian-Dinaridic system and for all areas north from this orogenic belt, from the Bohemian massive to the Holy Cross Mts. and beyond. All disciplines of geosciences are highly welcome ranging from field geology through geophysics, sedimentology, palaeontology, petrology, geochemistry, geomorphology, basin analysis and all others, all having implications on structural and geodynamic problems. The conference particularly invites methodological talks, analogue and computer modelling aiming a better understanding of tectonic processes. Case studies from other orogenic belts are equally welcome, because we can all learn from far-field examples.

Conference language

English, as usual.


The conference will take place at Zánka, directly on the Northern shore of Lake Balaton. The village can be reached from the highway M1 coming from Vienna or Bratislava, turning off at Győr, taking route 82 till Veszprém, then 73 and 71 till Zánka, Lake Balaton. The village hosts the most famous former socialist pioneer holiday camp of Hungary. Part of the huge renovated site will be the venue of the conference. The northern shore of Lake Balaton with its stunning basalt volcanoes (cones, necks, and diatremes) is one of the most famous landscapes of Hungary. The surrounding Balaton Highlands is the southern part of the Transdanubian Range, and it offers excellent locations for tracking across nicely rounded, bare dolomite hills and forested plateaus. The surrounding villages of the Kál Basin are famous from several branches of folk art. Kapolcs village hosts the international folk festival (Valley of Arts) every summer. The conference location is close to the Badacsony wine region of Hungary. The ‘Valley of Volcanoes’ with its perfect soil and Mediterranean type of microclimate, with the love of the local people towards wine makes this region one of the best places for traditional white wines in Hungary. In summary, stunning panorama combined with great wine and colourful geology make this location perfect for our next CETeG Meeting!

Preliminary program

  • April 5th 
    • Pre-conference field trip: "Mesozoic structural evolution of the southern Transdanubian Range, an element connecting the Alps and the Pannonian Basin"
      The excursion will start and end in Zánka.
    • Evening: Welcome party
  • April 6th
    • Oral and poster scientific sessions
  • April 7th
    • Oral and poster scientific sessions
    • Evening: Conference dinner and evening party
  • April 8th
    • Post-conference field trip "Snapshots from the metamorphic structural units beneath the Great Hungarian Plains"
      We plan to make a highly unusual ‘excursion’ with cores and thin sections derived from boreholes in the Great Hungarian Plain.

Pre-conference field trip

(led by László Fodor, Gábor Herkules Héja, Szilvia Kövér)

This trip will present the main structural phases of the Mesozoic deformation of the southern Transdanubian Range (TR), which is the highest nappe units within the Austroalpine nappe stack. Studied deformation phases include the Late Triassic syn-sedimentary deformation, and mainly the late Early to early Late Cretaceous contractional deformation phases. Miocene extensional and strike-slip deformations will briefly discussed. Using images from seismic data sets, and subsurface maps, we plan to discuss the connection of deformations of the TR and those ones of the nearest Alpine units. In this way, participants may have the opportunity to discuss the topic of Alpine-Pannonian connection and broaden the scope of the field trip.

This will be a classical field trip, visiting awesome quarries and bushwalking to smaller outcrops. Weather conditions may change from sunny to rainy (but hopefully we will avoid snowfall).

Post-conference field trip

(led by Tivadar M. Tóth, F. Schubert, ...)

This exceptional “subsurface field trip” will introduce participants to the basement geology of the Great Hungarian Plain. Core materials studied by the leader colleagues of the University of Szeged will be on display in the conference centre. These materials are generally difficult (expensive) to get from core archive of the Hungarian oil company MOL or from other archive sites. 

Rock material representing three subareas (Szeghalom, Dorozsma, Kiskunhalas) will be started in detail. The wells in all regions penetrated different rock types (mainly gneiss, amphibolite and micaschist) of diverse polymetamorphic evolutions. Post-metamorphic tectonic zones that separate blocks of individual metamorphic histories can also be examined. Indication for hydrocarbon reservoir characteristics will be presented through details of fracture network geometry as well as vein cementation processes.


Oral presentations will be limited to 15 minutes. Projectors for PowerPoint presentation will be assured.

Poster format are planned to be ~0.9m x 1.0m but will be determined in next circulars

We intend to put emphasis on poster sessions, thus consider strongly this type of communication.

The organising committee reserves the right to select oral presentations and shift some presentations to poster session. (Please, prepare presentations, which have major impact for tectonic problems.) Please avoid parallel oral and poster presentations. One author will be allowed only one oral presentation as first author. The number of poster presentations is not limited.


Radek Melka prize

The prize has been established by friends of Mr. Radek Melka to remember this outstanding young Czech scientist in structural geology who passed away at the age of 30 in 1994.

The Radek Melka Prize will be awarded to the best paper by an author from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, or Hungary of age up to 35 years in the year of publication of their paper. The Prize in 2017 will be awarded for a paper published in the year of 2015 or 2016. A submitted paper has to deal with a topic in structural geology, tectonics, geodynamics, geochronology, rock geochemistry, metamorphic, igneous, or sedimentary geology. Condition for participation in the competition is the author's presence at the Central European Tectonic Studies Group Annual Meeting.

Deadline: Authors will submit their papers for the competition as pdf to zdenek.venera@geology.cz, and cc to lexa@natur.cuni.cz by 1th April 2017.

Several referees will be nominated by the Board of the Czech Tectonic Studies Group and The CETeG council board to select the best paper considering its significance of scientific contribution, originality of approach, and author's share in the published work. The winner will be announced at the 15th CETeG Meeting during the conference dinner. Colleagues are asked to distribute this information among young scientists, who can apply for the prize with a published paper, in which the applicant is the first author.

The prize is sponsored by the Czech Tectonic Studies Group and Institute of Geological Sciences of the Polish Academy of Science and the Geological, Geophysical and Space Science Research Group of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences at Eötvös University.

The best student presentations prize

The prize for the best student poster and the best oral presentation of a young scientist will be awarded during the conference dinner.

The organising committee welcome offers from individuals and organisations supporting/financing prizes.


The abstracts will be published in a Conference Volume. We negotiate with the Acta Mineralogica-Petrographica of Szeged University to publish Excursion guidebook and possibly abstracts. Only electronic abstract submission will be possible in Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx) format. More information on the abstract volume will be announced later.

We also offer another publication possibility for those who would like a real publication in a regular journal. The Central European Geology accepts both short (4-6 pages) and longer manuscripts for publication. The journal is published by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the follower of the Acta Geologica Hungarica and Acta Mineralogica-Petrologica Segediensis. Details of the journal can be reached here. The papers are referred in Chemical Abstracts, Elsevier Geo Abstracts, GEOBASE and SCOPUS. If there would be enough candidates, publication of special issue would be possible.

Registration fee

The registration fee includes the abstract volume and other conference materials, 2 lunches, refreshments at coffee breaks, rental for conference rooms, equipment, the conference dinner with wine tasting and the ice-breaker party. Please, note that these prices are preliminary and may change till next circular (hopefully downward)

Professionals 150 €
Students/retired 100 €
Excursion fee (prices are under calculations)
Pre or Post 30-35 €
Pre or Post 30-35 €
The fee includes lunch, excursion guide, transport and fee for transport of core materials.


It will be in the renovated former socialist pioneer holiday camp in Zánka.

Please, note that accommodation is not included in the registration fee! 

The Zánka holiday complex occupies a huge park area of 200 ha. Several renovated hotels and guest houses are available.

Contact organiser is Elica Winchester (elica.winchester@hbl.t-online.hu) if you would have special needs concerning accommodation.

single room 40 €/person
double room 25 €/person
breakfast included

You will be informed about the way of reservation in the next circular. 


Registration: 15th February 2017

Submission of short communications or manuscripts to Central European Geology: 31th May 2017

Abstract submission: 15th February 2017

Payment: 28th February 2017

Registration form

Registration form will be announced later, hopefully still in January.


You can pay the fees in two ways, bank money transfer and with credit card. Details will be advertised in next circular.


Concerning accommodation, food, registration and payment please, turn to:

Elica Winchester elica.winchester@hbl.t-online.hu
Tel: +36-1-299 0686
Fax: +36-1-299 0685
Mobile: +36-70-335 2425

For scientific problems, you can contact:

László Fodor lasz.fodor@yahoo.com
Szilvia Kövér koversz@yahoo.com

Hoping to see you in Zánka. On behalf of the organising comittee

László Fodor, Szilvia Kövér, Tivadar M. Tóth, Félix Schubert, Elica Winchester

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