Dear all,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we are pleased to announce the joint conference of the Czech and German Geological Societies "GEOPilsen 2013 - Crustal Evolution and Geodynamic Processes in Central Europe" to be held in Plzeň (Pilsen/Czech Republic) on September 16-19, 2013.

An official conference website with online registration and abstract submission will be launched at in mid-January 2013.

Scientific program

  • Topic 1: Building Central Europe: geodynamics of the Variscan lithosphere
  • Topic 2: Composing Central Europe: mantle and crustal evolution through time
  • Topic 3: Sedimentary basins of Central Europe: a geologic archive from Precambrian to Cenozoic
  • Topic 4: Shaping Central Europe: surface processes from past to present
  • Topic 5: Earth systems management in Central Europe: geosciences and the environment
Pre-conference field trips
  • From Cadomian accretion to Variscan collision: a crustal-scale traverse across the northwestern Teplá–Barrandian unit (Leaders: J. Žák, G. Zulauf, W. Dörr, J. Hajná, K. Verner)
  • Lower Paleozoic successions of the southwestern Barrandian area (Leaders: P. Budil, O. Fatka)
Post-conference field trip
  • Destruction of the Variscan orogen: development of Carboniferous basins and tropical rainforests in western Bohemia (Leaders: S. Opluštil, J. Pšenička)

More details could be found in the first circular.

Apologies for cross-posting, CETEG webpage administrator.

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