17th Meeting of the Central European Tectonic Studies Groups

Hotel Atlantis
24 – 27 April 2019
Rozdrojovice, Czech Republic

Third circular

The meeting is organized by

Department of Geological Sciences, Masaryk University
in cooperation with the Czech Geological Survey, IPE MU Brno, UK Praha

Contact details

Whatever you need to know, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Kateřina Zachovalová zachovalova@sci.muni.cz +420 770 158 186
Rostislav Melichar melda@sci.muni.cz +420 721 280 480
Pavel Hanžl hanzl.pavel@gmail.com +420 606 873 203
Lída Daňková 327848@mail.muni.cz +420 608 212 373


Conference location

All activities related to the conference, including accommodation, scientific sessions and the gala dinner, will take place at the "Hotel Atlantis" (N49.248°; E16.519°) in Rozdrojovice village near Brno. The hotel is situated halfway between villages Kníničky and Rozdrojovice, app. 9 km NW from the Brno-centre and easily accessible by car or by public transport from Brno.


Transport by car

If you will come by car, use highway exit 182 Kývalka or 190 Brno-západ depending on your arrival direction and traffic jam. Next, use road No. 602 parallel to highway to traffic roundabout. Turn north to get to the old motorway. Traffic lights behind the bridge over the Svratka River indicate the need for a double turn left.

Note the inability to turn left from external Brno circuit – road No. 42 (E461); and traffic problems in a narrow section due to road repairs. It is better to use the old highway through Bystrc (dashed line on map).


Public transport from Brno

Use tram No. 1 from “Hlavní nádraží” (Main railway station) in direction “Bystrc” to station “Zoologická zahrada” (ZOO), where you can take BUS No. 302 in direction “Jinačovice / Kuřim”, to station “Rozdrojovice, rekreační středisko” (bus stop on request!) just in front of hotel Atlantis. You need 3 zones ticket, 27 CZK.

Tram No. 1 departures from station “Hlavní nádraží” are every 5 to 15 min., the timetable could be found at http://www.jrbrno.cz/L1_S1_Z36

BUS No. 302 departures from station ZOO are every 30 min., timetable at http://www.jrbrno.cz/L302_S2_Z2282

If you will arrive at station “Brno - dolní nádraží” (Lower Station), which is in some distance from “Hlavní nádraží”, you can take BUS No. 61 or walk the way. BUS No. 61 departures from “Dolní nádraží” to “Hlavní nádraží” are every 10 to 15 min., timetable at http://www.jrbrno.cz/L61_S1

You may use the application at http://dnesnibrno.cz/mhd  for any combination with a map. Insert the following data:
Z: Brno - dolní nádraží (in case of Lower station) OR Hlavní nádraží (in case of the Main station)
Do: Rozdrojovice, rekreační středisko
Kdy = when – insert date and time of departure from station in Brno


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