Scope of the conference

The Central European Tectonic Group is an open scientific association bringing together the geoscientists with the interest in geodynamic processes of the Earth crust in a broad measure.

The mission of the Central European Tectonic Group (CETeG) is to strengthen the professional communication and the coordination of activities of formal groups and individuals from Central European countries interested in broadly scoped tectonics and geodynamics of the Earth crust. According to the assumed convention, scientific gatherings of CETeG are to be held annually in geologically attractive regions, each year in a different member country (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary).

The main topics of the annual meetings are the problems of structural evolution of the orogenic belts, the basin evolution, relationship of magmatism and tectonics and many others, studied by the methods of structural geology, petrology, geochemistry, sedimentology, geochronology and geophysics.

Special attention of the CETeG 2021 meeting will be devoted to the geodynamic evolution of the Alpine–Carpathian–Dinaridic and Paleozoic orogenic belts of Europe, theoretical aspects of structural geology, petrology and geochronology, as well as neotectonics and sedimentary basin evolution. Several invited speakers provide hints to the main topics of the meeting, although any other contributions related to the common CETeG topics are welcome.

General themes:

  • Structural, petrological and geochemical clues to orogenic belt histories
  • Tectonic and climatic signals in sedimentary successions
  • Basin formation and inversion
  • Magmatism as a tracer of tectonic events
  • Geochronology in mountain belts and sedimentary basins
  • Geophysical research of crustal and upper mantle structures
  • Open session − all other topics

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