Keynote lectures

Keynote lectures are highly attended, target a broad audience and last 30 minutes, including time for discussion. Renowned experts share their knowledge, shed light on recent findings and give perspective to recent advancements in the field.

Shah Wali Faryad, Peter Ivan and Radim Jedlička
Spatial and temporal relations of high-pressure metamorphic events in geodynamics of the Western Carpathians
Milan Kohút, Igor Broska, Igor Petrík and Pavel Uher
Variscan granitoid magmatism of the Western Carpathians
Jarosław Majka and Marian Janák
Subduction-collision and exhumation processes in the Arctic Caledonides – petrological proxies from HP rock complexes
Stefan M. Schmid and Douwe van Hinsbergen
Alpine collision zone between Alps and Western Turkey: Geometry and kinematic reconstruction
Michal Šujan, Michal Kováč, Régis Braucher, Samuel Rybár and Klement Fordinál
Where are rivers forced to flow? Effects of differential subsidence on alluvial sequences
František Teťák and Daniel Pivko
Deposition and paleogeography of the deep-sea flysch Magura Basin (Western Carpathians)

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