Field trips

The conference venue is located just at the boundary of the basement/cover nappe stack of the Austroalpine Central Western Carpathians (CWC, Malá Fatra Mts) and the Pieniny Klippen Belt (PKB) – the most peculiar Carpathian structural zone famous by its spectacular rugged topography and intricate internal structure. It is planned that the field trips will concern both of these principal Carpathian structural zones.

Pre-conference excursion

13 October 2020 (Tuesday) 08:30 – 17:00

Variscan basement granitoids and Cretaceous nappe structure of the Malá Fatra Mts

Guided by: Dušan Plašienka & Igor Broska

The excursion will be devoted to the Cretaceous nappe structure of the CWC Malá Fatra Mts. There are two possible routes for the walking trip:
(1) The Rozsutec round-tour, during which we could observe the cover nappe structure of the CWC – Cretaceous marly limestones and synorogenic flysch deposits (Fatric Krížna Nappe) overridden by the Triassic carbonates of the Hronic Choč Nappe, as well as the important backthrust structure of the Medzirozsutce reverse fault. This trip cannot be performed in full, however, due to the seasonal closure of the touristic paths around the summit of Mount Veľký Rozsutec.
Therefore we prefer the second alternative:
(2) The Lučivná–Biela section, which will provide information about the lithostratigraphy of the youngest members of the underlying Tatric sedimentary cover, but particularly about the Krížna Nappe with its Triassic members and complete Jurassic–Cretaceous deep-water Zliechov Succession, as well as about structures related to the nappe emplacement.
The trip will take about 5 hours of relatively easy walking (around 8 km), but the last part (steep downslope) might be difficult in wet weather.
Please, be therefore sure that you wear firm mountain boots and do not forget to take the rain protection equipment.
In the afternoon, we shall visit by bus one locality in the pre-Alpine crystalline basement of the Tatric Superunit – Variscan granitoids cut by Permian lamprophyre dykes in the Dubná skala quarry near town Martin.

Post-conference excursion

16 October  2020 (Friday) 08:30 – 16:30

Composition and structure of the Pieniny Klippen Belt in the Terchová–Zázrivá area

Guided by: Dušan Plašienka, Ján Soták & Przemysław  Gedl

During the excursion, some structural and sedimentary-stratigraphic data of the PKB rock complexes will be presented along two sections. One section will concern a tight imbricate structure of several PKB units on southern slopes of Mt. Pupov (Rovná hora saddle); the second one will show a number of phenomena along the bedrock exposures of the Zázrivka stream in Zázrivá village.