The Central European Tectonic Groups is an open scientific association bringing together the geoscientists with the interest in geodynamic processes of the Earth crust in a broad measure. The main topics of the annual meetings are the problems of structural evolution of the orogenic belts, the basin evolution, relationship of magmatism and tectonics and many others, studied by the methods of structural geology, petrology, geochemistry, sedimentology and geophysics.

Short course announcement

On the occasion of opening new CIP lab in Prague, we cordially invite you to the short course:

GEOMATERIALS − quantitative analysis of microstructures and textures
(Prague 30.5. - 2.6. 2011)

Dr. Ondrej Lexa (Institute of Petrology and Structural Geology, Charles University, Czech Republic)
Dr. Ralf Hielscher (Faculty of Mathematics, Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany)
Prof. Reneé Heilbronner (Institute of Geology & Paleontology, Basel University, Switzerland)

The short course will take place at the Institute of Petrology and Structural Geology in Prague from Monday 30.5. to Thursday 2.6. 2011 with following program:

Geodinamica Acta - letter of invitation

Dear colleagues,
I am inviting all members of CETEG group to submit a paper to special issue of Geodinamica Acta issued from the 2011 meeting. We need now a list of papers which will be submitted for approval.
Kindly send your propositions to Ondrej Lexa ( before April 30.
  • The deadline of submission is September 30.
  • The end of review round 30 of December.
  • Publication of Issue in April 2012.
Best regards,
Karel Schulmann
Associate editor of Geodinamica Acta

Our new community website is ready

We just started our new community website and we hope that this addition will improve communication as our community grows. We will do our best to improve website content and services, nevertheless any thoughts/suggestions are welcomed. This sites success and relevance will depends on member contribution.

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